Monday, May 16, 2011

So glad it's NOT Monday again.

While I do love the opportunities that Monday's can bring, like the weekly I will make it to the gym today, I will plan my meals before I go to the store, I will pack a lunch each day this week, I will not eat cake starting today, I do not love the hussle of Mondays.  It is the day that we go back to work after a jam pack weekend full of activities and family time. We usually are low on food and gas...although each week I promise myself to get gas the night before.  Here are some snaps of what is left behind from the weekend.
The Grocery bags from doing the shopping.

Some new products that I want to try this week.  Im really excited about the honey apple butter :)

Checking in on my strawberry plant. I am so excited for my second strawberry

Clean laundry, which may sit in this basket all week long

My doggie nestled on my pillow

My nightstand

Bathroom counter. I have been using the same products since high school, it may be time to change it up a bit

Pomegranite tea

B doing some office work 

last nights dishes

the park

fully stocked fridge

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